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Message from the President


Koh-Hei Sonoda, president of JOIS


I love our academic atmosphere that "accept good things as good" that has nurtured me. As president, I would like to take advantage of the characteristics of this society and walk with you to make further leaps forward. And I hope to contribute to patients around the world suffering from ocular inflammatory diseases.

Japanese Ocular Inflammation Society (JOIS) was established in 1976, and now we have approximately 600 members. After Dr. Hiroshi Goto, I will continue to work as the president of this society. Since the dawn of molecular biology and immunology in Japan, ophthalmologists with the pre-concept of combining basic research and clinical practice have gathered, and there has always been a heated discussion at academic meetings. While this concept continues today, recent academic meetings have become meaningful for various members to gather on the theme of "inflammation" and update their knowledge.OIS is a meeting that everyone who participated in the meeting for the first time said, "There was such an interesting academic society, and I will participate again next year", and I am really pleased that the number of members is increasing. This is the result of the efforts and innovative ideas of everyone who has supported the JOIS.
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